NI Maschine VS the Akai MPC 1000

NI Maschine VS Akai MPC 1000

I’m about to buy my very 1st drum sampler and couldn’t decide on whether to get the new Native Instruments Maschine or the classic AKAI’s MPC, in particular the MPC 1000.  So I’ve done some research and here’s what I found out…

Akai MPC 1000




  • 32 MIDI Channel
  • A Trusted Classic
  • Has a unique tonal quality to it. (Analog)
  • More Support
  • LIVE! Performance Capabilities
  • Direct Analog (& MIDI) Outputs in the Back
  • Can hook up to hardware based signal processors directly (pre-amps, equalizers, effects processors, etc.)



  • Harder to Use
  • Priced at $999.99 (MORE EXPENSIVE)
  • Limited Sample Editing done in Small Display Window
  • Harder to Input Samples


NI Maschine




  • Priced at $599.99 (CHEAPER!)
  • Easier Workflow
  • Enhancement Upgrades from Manufacturer
  • LIVE! Performance Capabilities
  • Easy Sample Editing done Visually in Software
  • Easy to Input Samples



  • Only have MIDI & USB Connections in Back
  • MUST use with computer
  • 8-Channel MIDI
  • Will have to re-route out to hook up to hardware based signal processors (pre-amps, equalizers, effects processors, etc.)



In conclusion, I actually went with the Native Instruments Maschine and am loving it!  I hooked it up to my computer and am quite surprised at how easy it is to use.  The software is very intuitive and I appreciate that there is a growing community of support for this.  The only downside is, if I want to do a live performance, I’m going to have to bring my computer with me it seems like.  But thats okay, I’m mostly in the studio anyways.   This is an awesome piece of gear and well worth the investment!


Akai MPC 1000 (Front, Rear)


AKAI MPC 1000 (Rear)
Native Instruments (Front, Rear)
NI Maschine
Ni Maschine (Rear)